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John Scaldini

Creation & Optimization

2 min read

O'Bryne writes that "An easy way to understand this is the work associated with listening to, sharing, and revising audio files. Consider the use of records and LPs, and then cassette tapes, and finally now MP3 files and streaming online information. With records, it was very difficult to create, and remix music given these tools. Cassette tapes made it a little easier to create and share audio information, as long as the little plastic tab was not broken off. With MP3 and other audio file formats, it is very easy to create, remix, or mash-up and finally share audio content. This increasing ease in the creation, remixing, and sharing of audio information I believe extends to involve all forms of online."
I think that this same type of progress(if not considered evolution i dont know what is) is going to be turning point for our current world. I think that as the last century has seen the creation of vast technological improvements the next century is going to bring incredible development of these creations. I think that the last 100 years have been about invention while the next century will be about how we improve upon our recent inventions to create better health care, education, and quality of life. Although I would imagine that there are cycles of time when creation and invention are more prevalent as society needs improvement. I think that the next generation is poised to take the inventions of the past and optimize them for the greater good of the future. I think that optimization and creation are different things and that the collaborative environment created by the internet can allow future generations to make strides that we haven't even imagined yet.