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John Scaldini

How New Digital Media and the Internet are Fueling an Innovative Surge in Communication, Creativity and Collaboration.

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After watching the vimeo on Digital Media and its ability to connect people initializing more collaborative work I was struck by two things. The first is about the content and how our increasingly connected world is going to be a much more conducive environment for global improvement. Up until the invention of the internet most "progress" was limited (for at least a great deal of time) to the region where innovation occurred meanwhile now we can share quickly developing ideas in real time. When an innovation is made in Japan or South Africa the advancement can be recognized, scrutinized, but most importantly understood by a vastly larger audience then a decade ago. 

If we are to solve a crisis like climate change, deforestation, medical epidemics, or genocide the determining factor is always how much knowledge of the subject matter is open to public understanding. People are amazingly inventive when they have the ability to wrap their head around a situation. We are constantly in search of how to improve but are often limited to what we can see. The internet and new digital media allow us to greatly expand and diversify our spectrum of "possible".

Another thing that struck me about the video was the setting. I found it interesting that it was set in a library or bookstore. Elyse Eidman-Aadahi states in the video that we developed writing as a way to communicate and although I agree with this statement I think we also developed writing for Preservation. We developed writing to make sure that our thoughts and history were not only communicated but saved for the future. We found a way to give future generations that knowledge that we had already accumulated.  As more media becomes digital will we have bookstores in the future?

The one draw back that I find in the popularity of the digital world is that we are sparingly writing how our thoughts on hardcopy. Even for this all of our work is digital. The knowledge we have accumulated in this class could be wiped out in an instant unlike a cave drawing that has existed for thousands of years. As we develop new medias I think it will always be important to save knowledge in a physical form so that is can be retained for future generations that may not have electricity or the internet.