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John Scaldini

Its complicated, Sad, and Exciting

2 min read

 After reading this I thought about how grateful I am that I didnt have to deal with Social Media as a kid. I was never socially shy and as at outgoing kid I usually felt pretty confident in who I was and my ability to make friends in different situations. But based on the readings it seems that most kids have to spend lots of time constructing their personae. That the image they put out through social media has to be designed to meet the needs of other people. If figuring our who you are and making friends isnt hard enough we have developed a system where kids can be socially persecuted and ridiculed if they post something "duimb or weird." I would imagine that most kids are too embarrassed to post what they are really interested in but instead do whatever is socially acceptable in order to gain a sense of community and social acceptance. 

What I find the most interesting is that social media seems to be the largest growing "thing" that "all" people do in america and most importantly all young people do. It is a market driven by 9 - 22 yr olds or all races, genders, and backgroungs unlike ever other facet of the country which is pretty much controlled by old white guys. It will be interesting to see how corporations, political parties, and social groups use the information they get from social media and how the younger demographic in society will shape it.