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John Scaldini

Personal Update

2 min read

Back to School

The first two weeks of school have been great. It is interesting to see how college has changed since I first started my education in 2001. Facebook wasn popular yet and I dont remember ever seeing a laptop in class before. I have two teachers that I was dub "old school" and two that seem to be "new school." Their approaches to learning and the class room setting are very different and it has been interesting to learn in a different environment. Studying text books online is weird but I like it.

New Car...sort of

Car Search is officially a success. My wife and I bought a car this weekend and it is a huge relief off my back. Sharing a car is always intereting especially for us since we have crazy schedules and are usually on the go. We decided to go the pre owned route and are hoping it wont come back to bite us in the end. We got a 2012 Chevy Sonic. It is pretty much exactly what we were looking for. Relatively new, Fuel efficient, and although not "cool" not a total POS. Next up my wife and I have 45 days to find a new apartment. Fun Fun.

Swim Team

My Swim team starts today. The last two weeks have been consumed with tryouts and regsitration. We have the largest Roster we have had over the last three years while I have been with the team and it is going to be both exciting and interesting. We have an awesome mix of new and returning swimmers and some big goals in our crosshairs. The first day of any season is aways exciting as it is a sign of hope. What can we do? How limitless is our potential?