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John Scaldini

Reusable Coffee Cups in the Student Lounge

2 min read

So I know this blog is supposed to be about our class content however I think that I can tie this issue into the idea of collaborative learning. I encourage all the other students to comment on and share this issue with the entire SCSU community and beyond. Feel free to post is to twitter or facebook to expand the radius of opinion.

Yesterday I went to the Student Lounge in Engleman B. I took a reusable plastic starbucks cup and refilled my coffee. When I approached the register the cashier told me that in the future I cannot refill my cup and need to use one of the paper cups they supply. I explained to the cashier that I like to use my plastic cup in order to use less paper cups and plastic lids (I drink an absurd amount of coffee and try to be aware of my ecological footprint). The cashier then explained that I am not allowed to refill a cup because it presents a "potential for the spread of disease since if I was sick and my cup lid touched the coffee dispenser I could transfer my sickness." I asked who I should complain to (obviously this isn't her personal policy but must be something she is supposed to enforce) to which I was told "the FDA"(Food and Drug administration). I then took my coffee and left before I making a scene.

Obviously health and student safety should be the highest priority of our school and local/federal government but in reaction to this I would like to ask everyone three questions.

First, Has anyone else has been told this?

Second, Does anyone know if this is true and is the FDA stating that reusable cups/mugs are not allowed for refilling liquids at schools?.

& Third, Does anyone else agree with this or should we actually be encouraging people to reuse more and waste less?

Thanks for your time & thoughts!