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John Scaldini

Scoliosis free future

2 min read

I know that a lot of schools are starting to use chrome books rather then text books for early education. Gone are the days of lugging around gigantic LL Bean Backpacks with 5 different encyclopedia sized texts, binders, notebooks, and calculators. Now everything can be compacted in to what would have been a single courses materials in "my day". Chrome books sound cool but I would image they are not getting to all communities as easily as some in southern CT(fairfield county & the general area). The fear of theft along with the potential to break these technological advancements might be seem unnecessary or impractical.

I wonder how long it will be until schools just use USB drives having kids update their work at school and then bring it home where they can upload it onto a home computer. Schools could keep chrome books or any sort of web based tool at school for students to use and they wouldn't need to carry anything significant back and forth. If the system could be web based perhaps the USB would only be a backup where students can upload their homework/assignments to their school server from home. They could then use the USB to bring home the work they did at school. This would eliminate the "dog ate my homework excuse" and students could essentially be scoliosis free by the end of the Y Generation.

As a quick aside although my spine would have probably loved not carrying around so many books there was always some great about getting a new backpack or going back to school shopping and get the necessary materials.