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John Scaldini

The desire to be valued

2 min read

From all the videos and writings that we have looked at I get the sense that everything is effected by a desire to be valued. What is popular on the internet is not necessarily about right or wrong but about personal values. It seems that kids, teenagers, and adults look to the internet as a place where they can measure their value and determine if what they feel is understood and acceptable in the Real World. 

We construct online profiles that are edited and addapted to the current standard of value and most likely reconstruct our subconscience to the standards determined by Likes and Hearts as opposed to what we feel inside. I know I spend more time on social media then I do on presonal reflection and perhaps this is a sign of looking to others for value rather then determining it myself. Does this take away my identity? Does this direct more more to the social norm then to the personal oppinion. I have always prided myself on not being a "sheep" but perhaps we cant help but wanting to be part of a flock.

I tend to be pretty private on social media but no matter what I post I always ask myself about how it will be perceived. Sometimes I decide not to post something simply because I am not sure of what others will think and do not want to start a controversy or issue. Once it is on the web it is permanently there so I try to not be too rash or impulsive. Are we constantly editing our personalities or hiding ourselves based on the perception of others?