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John Scaldini

The lost art of Handwriting

1 min read

Where did Writing Go?


As computers (including cell phones & tablets) have become the most common way for communcation the beautiful skill of handwriting has gone the way of the Dodo. I am old enough to have sat in elementary/middle school constantly practicing the correct way to write lower case & upper case standard and cursive leters at nausium until my wrist felt like it was going to break. Now the only thing I use Cursive for is my barely deciferable Signature when I am forced to write a actual Check. What was once considered a sign of education and intelligence has now become a footnote on the American educational system and we are left knowing we didnt really need to know who to write the always tricky "Capital Cursive S." This post may be a bit nostailgic in its own way but it is interesting to see how a technological improvement like the compter/internet which has revolutionized the world has also so quickly destroyed what was once a staple form of education.